Greta Thunberg has inspired millions of young people to school strike on Fridays, now imagine if Fridays were a day of mass planetary action, an innovation day for the future of our civilisation. A day to re-imagine, re-story and re-design. A day of active participation in our shared world, a 20% of your working week rule of thumb idea. A radical collaboration day for the future of humanity, ecosystems and the millions of species that support all life. Interested?

Ok, Let’s start with the climate strikes.

On Friday 20th and Friday 27th September millions of people around the world will be leaving work, home and school to join young people on the streets to demand rapid and meaningful action on the climate and ecological crisis from our politcal and economic leaders. Everyone is needed.

Here’s some amazing stuff generously created by fine humans to help you get involved, spread the word and persuade your boss, mates, mum, grandparents, teachers, neighbours etc to join in with you.

Climate Emergency. It's Your Choice.

Stand by our children on September 20th and protect their future. The Amazon is on fire and our ocean is choking on plastic. This is an emergency. This is where our oxygen comes from.  In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act (Orwell). Tell the truth with us. Climate change is not inevitable.  Download social assets, posters and more to inspire your mates, bosses, teachers, grandparents out on the climate strike.

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Climate Protest Posters

A growing database of Climate protest posters. Take them and Make them  - we encourage the use of meme-like content, slapstick imagery, comedy, banter, stupid phrasing, and downright light-hearted mockery if needed. Get your tag lines out, put your lighters in the air (but don't turn them on) and show the world what you've got.

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Create and Strike

Work in a creative business? Ask your CEO to support you to strike, create something awesome to express your rage and get out on the streets on the 20th September to make some beautiful noise. Join a growing list of some of the most creative businesses on the planet.

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Boris vs Donald

World leaders meet climate chaos insta/social assets for your pleasure.

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Turn Up and Change The World

15 second teaser film with pumping bassline to blast your colleagues, boss, mates, parents out onto the street

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Youth Quote Posters Green/Black

Quotes from a group of 10 to 14-year-olds whom are climate striking made into a series of 'posters' designed for insta stories and a set of 'posters' to motivate workers to get out of work and to a local protest.

View and Download here

Office on Climate Strike

A selection of assets, gifs and more to use on your website, social channels and emails to let your clients/customers/suppliers know you're climate striking.

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Tick Tock

The clock is ticking faster than ever and we’re the last generation that can stop a lethal ecological crisis. People are already suffering the deadly impacts of climate breakdown while 200 species go extinct every day, 1000 times the natural rate. Awesome posters, gifs, animations, social assets and more, get stuck in, time is running out

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Art Strike

Art Strike is a playful way for the art world to respond to the climate crisis and remind everyone: you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. Organisations nominate an artwork or object to put on strike, replacing it with an Art Strike poster, in support of the millions of people striking to save the planet on Friday 20th September. If you're a gallery or museum please get in touch.

Get Involved in Art Strike

Raise the Alarm

We know giving staff the whole day off to join the strike  is a big ask. But it’s business as usual to hold a fire alarm drill every few months. We plan to co-ordinate those fire alarms on the same day, at the same time, in support of the student strikers.

This means that at 11:15 on 20th September, fire alarms will be going off across the country, together. So our leaders will be left in no doubt that we are all alarmed about the climate emergency, and demand immediate action, no matter how old we are. Join us.

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Out Of Office

A simple, bold statement - to show that you've decided to down tools, and leave your place of work for the day. Standing with the students who have been sacrificing their education for the sake of the future of the planet. This Out Of Office template is for people and businesses joining the Climate Action march on 20th September.  It’s a format that can be shared everywhere by everyone - informing people of the strike.

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Street Stickers

A series of stickers subverting the visual language of alarmism to raise urgent public attention and action towards global #climatestrike. Stickers are deployed to high visibility social assets (such as shared hire bicycles and ATM's) as modern equivalents to the suffragette's 1900's social emancipation campaign to deface coins - as a message applied to a single asset that gains multiple interactions. Download files, print and go.

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A selection of fine memes to sprinkle the internet with.

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More #ClimateStrike posters and tings

A riff on the global climate strike posters, more for your wall/social feeds to get your mates, mum, grandma, boss on the streets. They even look like proper creased street posters. Sweet.

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How to get out of work and other awesome strike tools

Visual awesomeness to help you leave work and strike on the 20th.


Earth on your Sleeve

“Earth on your Sleeve”, a short film made for UKSCN highlighting the environmental footprint of the ‘fast fashion’ industry, in which teen activists model high street labels picked up second-hand at bargain prices. Share away folks.

View site and access film

How well does your business support the climate strikes?

A REPORT CARD for businesses to ask if and how it supports the Strikes, and how good it believes its support for the Strikes to be. Anyone can present the information here to any business. Use this as a tool to engage and educate companies you work for or buy from. Use it to offer ideas and inspiration for those businesses yet to adopt an official position in respect of the Strikes.

Access the Score Card


This is the moment for podcasting to step up and amplify young voices with ours – literally. #PODSTRIKE is a coalition of podcasts supporting the strike by spreading the word.

PodStrike assets Here
PodStrike site