New Economy Story

Capitalism is crashing, technology is disrupting, democracy is degrading, truth is decaying, climate is breaking, ecology is vanishing, inequality is rising, and protest is permeating.

These things are all linked by old stories about our economy, which have given us absurd beliefs – deeply rooted in our culture – which demand unfit policies that sustain those stories.

To escape our crises, we need new stories that give us good beliefs, so we demand proper policies and design a better economy, for all life.

So then, what are those stories ?

Social and environmental crises are taking hold around the world. Yet there seems to be no public narrative that explains how we can fix our predicament. We lack stories of possibility. We recognise that before change can happen, we need convincing and credible stories of change.

This experiment has been kickstarted by The Green Economy Coalition and the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, two global networks working on economic transformation. In close collaboration with The SpaceShip Earth, this challenge is about to move into an open, experimental creative phase. We’ve spent some weeks exploring the challenge, having conversations, and gathering collective intelligence. We’ve now designed an approach and a framework to help us explore this challenge creatively, focussing on the UK initially as a pilot.

The Mission

We’re embarking on a journey to reveal the absurdity of the stories we hold true in our economy, and surface the great models and policies that already exist and have the potential to transform how we live. These models and policies can drive the shift to fixing and healing our world, towards a fairer, more participative system, making life way more awesome for everyone and everything on this shared planet of ours.

The big point here is that we know how to solve this, we just need to help people to realise that, shift their beliefs away from absurdities, and demand the solutions. What’s missing are the stories and how we tell them, feel them and experience them.

So on the 6th March we move into a creative exploration phase, through the Friday Future Love challenge.

Are you up for the challenge ?

This is obviously hugely ambitious. To change the stories we need to see engagement across culture. We think we’re going to need TV producers, radio programmers, ad creatives, content creators, PR, music and lifestyle influencers, business innovators, media owners, creative activists, designers, technologists, culture jammers, comedians, journalists, scriptwriters, storytellers, strategists, community activists, social change makers, funders and more.

Here’s the brief if you want to get stuck in remotely